2018 Calendar

I am proud to support the British Heart Foundation through the sale of this year's calendar. Ten years ago, I lost my Granny to heart failure – this calendar is dedicated to her memory. Shortly after her death, I remember bringing some of her belongings to our local British Heart Foundation charity shop and have since then always associated the charity with Granny.

Since my customers are contributing to charity through the purchase of this calendar, I think it's important that they know exactly what the charity stands for. The BHF currently has £3.1 million invested in research projects at Queen's University, with projects focused on investigating the causes of heart failure with the hope of identifying new treatments, the potential of stem cells regenerating damaged hearts, and the link between gum disease and coronary heart disease. It’s important, potentially life-saving work.

My calendars are on sale at £10 each and can be posted worldwide. Get in touch to secure one now as numbers are limited!