Alfie | Man's Best Friend

From the first moment I met him, Alfie was a bundle of energy. During the photoshoot, he enjoyed running around the Silent Valley - he even took a dip in the reservoir. Alison had come prepared by bringing some cooked sausages, Alfie's weekly treat! 

Alison's love for Alfie was perfectly transparent throughout the photoshoot. While getting some gorgeous shots, we chatted all things cockapoo! Having my own cockapoo pup, Lupin, I loved hearing Alison's experiences with Alfie. Lupin is the same colour as Alfie, so I couldn't help comparing them both!

While Alfie was running around in the grass, I got some beautiful shots of him. I think they really captured his personality. 

The dates for my dog mini-photoshoots, entitled Man's Best Friend, have now been released. Get in touch now if you'd like to book your photoshoot.