Anne's Surprise 60th Birthday Party

Surprise parties are always happy occasions – it's one of the only times that fabricating the truth can be seen in a positive light.

Lynsey and Lauren had been working hard with their brothers Craig and Aaron to create an excuse for their mum to go to Cafe Inspire in Lisburn on Saturday. They were delighted to have so many friends and family take part in the surprise, and make the day even more special for their mum.

Upon Anne's arrival, she couldn't have been more delighted to spend an afternoon with her closest friends and family. Of course, that joy came after a little bit of betrayal from her husband and children!

While conversations were in full flow, I was able to get some gorgeous candid photos of the guests. They were totally oblivious to the camera, to my delight. After all the introductions, the food was served to hungry partygoers. During the dessert, Anne was bowled over with emotion when she watched a video reel of birthday wishes from her closest friends and family, some present and some absent. The effort that Lynsey and Lauren had gone to was amazing!

After all the food and festivities, it was time to go home. The last thing on my list was the all-important group shot. Being vertically challenged meant I had to stand on one of the tables, much to Anne's terror (she got someone to hold it so I wouldn't fall).

All in all, it was a great day. Thanks to Lynsey for inviting me to be part of it! :)