Daisy and Monty | Man's Best Friend

I was excited when Jonny got in touch to book one of my MBF sessions for his miniature schnauzer, Monty, and cockapoo, Daisy, at Hillsborough Park. The two dogs couldn't be more different. While Daisy was chasing other dogs, Monty was off by himself investigating the area beside the lake. He was super chilled and she was super excited, allowing me to get some lovely, soulful photos of the two of them.

Daisy had one of the lightest coat I'd ever seen in a cockapoo – I'm sure Tracey and Jonny have had a hard time keeping her clean! While getting some photos and laughing at both their antics, I had a great time chatting to Tracey and Jonny about everything from dogs to business.

The date for my dog mini-photo shoots, entitled Man's Best Friend, will be released later on this week. I intend to have locations within all six counties of Northern Ireland. I'm super excited to meet and photograph more dogs and their owners!