Jessie | Man's Best Friend

I was glad that Jennifer had got in touch about getting some photographs taken of their miniature schnauzer, Jessie, as part of a Christmas present to her mum. Apparently, Jessie is one of the more favoured members of the family since her arrival. Dogs really do have a special place in our hearts - personally, I think it's all in the eyes. 

We got a variety of shots at Hillsborough, and took advantage of the lake and autumn leaves that were at our disposal. Jessie was calm throughout, and especially attentive when there were treats on offer.

Thanks for getting in touch Jennifer. I hope you and your family are happy with the photos and canvases you have received.

The dates for my dog mini-photoshoots, entitled Man's Best Friend, have now been released. Get in touch now if you'd like to book your photoshoot.