Ruby | Man's Best Friend

I was delighted when Lynn got in touch about booking my Man's Best Friend mini-photoshoots - I was really looking forward to meeting her and her dog, Ruby. Ruby is an eighteen month old chocolate cockapoo who is full of energy and is very friendly. Having been acquainted for a short amount of time, I quickly fell in love with Ruby's energy and enthusiasm. We previously considered getting a chocolate cockapoo before getting our black bombshell, and I loved getting the opportunity to photograph her.

I had a great half an hour, chatting to Lynn about life with cockapoos and generally laughing at Ruby's bubbly personality.

The date for my dog mini-photo shoots, entitled Man's Best Friend, will be released in the next week. I intend to have locations within all six counties of Northern Ireland. I'm super excited to meet and photograph more dogs and their owners. Keep an eye out on my social media channels to see dates and locations!