The Pells

What better way to catch up with family than getting together for a photoshoot?

A native of the Mournes now living in Oxfordshire, Sandra loves to come home over the summer holidays. A stay in McKibben Cottages at the foot of the Mournes provides a brilliant view of these glorious mountains. After getting some photos here, we travelled the short distance to the Silent Valley for some more shots.


To say the Silent Valley is beautiful would be an understatement. As a photographer, the variety in the landscape provides an extra backdrop to some portraits. Located in the shadow of the Mournes , in particular Binnian, just adds to the scenic landscape.


It was a beautiful, crisp summer day. Since the photoshoot was also acting as a catch up between family, David and I brought along our two fur balls, Lupin and Ghost. For the duration of the photoshoot, Erin had to be torn away from Lupin for photos - it was obvious what she'd rather be doing!

Upon arriving at the reservoir, perhaps the most famous view in the Silent Valley, we got some family photos. Despite being afraid of heights and a bit apprehensive at first, Caleb and Erin stood up on the wall and we got some awesome portraits – they're some of my favourites from the day.


In search of different landscapes, we started walking through the forest where we got some individual portraits with some beautiful sidelight. These portraits look so warm, enriched by the brown tones of the branches behind.

When we were getting close to the end of the walk, I noticed a lovely forested area that provided lots of colour and was able to get some beautiful, natural portraits.

What an awesome afternoon! Photographing families is made better when you're in such a beautiful location with a variety of scenery at your disposal.

Send me a message if you'd love to capture some timeless family memories.